One task TERENO is to provide long-term statistical series of system variables for the analysis and prognosis of Global Change consequences using integrated model systems, which will be used to derive efficient prevention, mitigation and adaptation strategies. Within the distributed Spatial Data Infrastructure TEODOOR each institution responsible for an individual observatory sets up its own local data infrastructure. This portal applicaton brings together together the data collected and published via OGC Web-services from the individual observatories and provides access of the data to the public. Therefore, it serves as a database node to provide scientists and decision makers with reliable and well accessible data and data products.

To provide an easy access to the data collected within TERENO, several vizualization and query tools are available.


Click here for the TERENO Data portal

You can get an overview of the stations and the collected data from all or individual observatories either by clicking into the map of Germany or into one of the observatories or by selecting one of:

Data from the weather radar devices currently available for the Eifel and the Pre-Alpine observatories. It can be found here:









Searching to specific data from all observatories, i.e.


  • sensor data with respect e.g. to observed phenomenons, sensor types, station names etc.
  • filebased data according to its metadata

can be performed by clicking into the screen shot in the picture to the right